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As one of Northern New Jersey’s most progressive obstetric and gynecologic practices, the Rubino OB/GYN Group is continuously adding new services, employees and treatment options.   Here’s a sampling of recent events that affect our practice … and your health. 

New Jersey MonthlyDr. Rubino is Recognized as 'Top Doc' by his peers in the November 2014 Issue of NJ Monthly for the Seventh Consecutive Year.
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New Jersey MonthlyDr. Rubino is Recognized as 'Top Doc' in the November 2013 Issue of NJ Monthly for the Sixth Consecutive Year.
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Dr. Robert Rubino and The Rubino OB/GYN Group are interviewed by CNN to discuss the baby boom caused by Superstorm Sandy.
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Operative HysteroscopyDr. Rubino moderates a show on Reach MD, featured on XM Radio, January 9th as a subject matter expert on operative hysteroscopy.
Watch and listen to the presentation >>>



New Jersey MonthlyDr. Rubino is Recognized as 'Top Doc' in the November 2012 Issue of NJ Monthly for the Fifth Consecutive Year.
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New Jersey MonthlyDr. Rubino is Recognized as 'Top Doc' in the November 2011 Issue of NJ Monthly for the Fourth Consecutive Year.
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The Rubino OB/GYN Group is proud to announce the practice has expanded and will now include a Clark location, joining forces with the office of Howard D. Fox, D.O.
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ABC News Now Highlights Dr. Rubino and Her Option Cryoablation Success Stories in Healthy Life Segment.  

Dr. Rubino is featured on Fox 5 News, December 4, 2010, for his success with minimally invasive surgeries for women including the Her Option Cryoblation procedure.
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  Balance Act

Lifetime Television featured Dr. Rubino on the show "The Balancing Act" on September 20 and October 18 to discuss solutions for women with heavy bleeding and fibroids. Watch Now >>>




Tpo Doc 2010Dr. Rubino is Voted 'Top Doc' in the November 2010 Issue of NJ Monthly for the Third Consecutive Year. Full story >>>




Top Doc 2009Dr. Rubino has received "Top Doc" recognition from NJ Monthly, for the 2nd year in a row. Read More >>>






4/5/09 – Dr. Rubino was on FOX News' feature on hysterectomy alternatives. This new freezing technology gives women a minimally invasive alternative to hormone therapy or hysterectomy when dealing with menstrual problems. Watch Now >>>


3/9/09 – Dr. Rubino was on WPIX Channel 11 news live today for an extended segment giving tips on pregnancy dos and don'ts.


Top DocDr. Rubino is chosen as "Top Doctor in New Jersey" by his peers in the November 2008 issue of NJ Monthly. Read More >>>

ABC News Now Highlights Dr. Rubino and Her Option Cryoablation Success Stories in Healthy Life Segment.  

6/13/08 – ABC News Now highlights Dr. Rubino
and Her Option Cryoablation success stories
in Healthy Life segment.
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6/10/08 – Dr. Rubino is highlighted on NJN News
for his success with Her Option® Cryoablation
Therapy as an "Alternative to Hysterectomy"
in the NY metro area.
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Dr Robert Rubino interviewed on WABC.5/19/08 – Dr. Robert Rubino interviewed on WABC - New York
There is a new treatment option for women who have heavy or painful periods. Women who have heavy and painful menstrual periods are often choose major surgery to remove the uterus. That means general anesthesia, a stay in the hospital and a couple weeks to recover. Now, for some, there's another option.
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Stop Heavy Periods With “Her Option” in-office Cryoablation Therapy
The Rubino OBGYN Group is the first in the area to offer "Her Option" cryoablation procedures in the office setting. Cryoablation is an alternative procedure to hysterectomy. It involves freezing the lining of the uterus for approximately 14 minutes. The procedure is designed to help women with heavy menses. It results in complete loss of menses or greatly reduced menstral flow and duration in the majority of patients. The patient discomfort is dramatically less than traditional surgery, and most are on their way home in 30 minutes. This procedure will likely eliminate the majority of hysterectomies perfomed for abnormal uterine bleeding for benign conditions. We are happy to contiue to provide intelligent, and modern care for our patients, and maintaing our traditional bedside manner.

Access Your Bone Density With Our New GE Lunar Scanner
We have recently installed a state-of-the-art bone density DEXA scanner. The GE Lunar scanner is rapid, and accurate. This scanner uses breakthrough direct digital technology that has been proven to be the most precise method for bone density testing and represents the gold standard for detecting osteoporosis, a disease characterized by low bone mass and increased fracture risk. It also performs body fat composition to assist in medically managed weight loss programs. Accepted by most insurances, this test can be conveniently done at the time of your annual exam. Ask about your next screening at your next visit.

Enjoy Permanent Birth Control With “Essure” In-office Tubal Sterilization
Dr. Rubino is now performing the "ESSURE" incisionless tubal sterilization procedure, in the office. Developed over the last decade, this procedure offers an alternative to conventional surgical tubal sterilization procedures. Conventional surgery requires and incision in the abdomen and general anesthesia, followed by a significant recuperation period. The "ESSURE" procedure is done without and incision. The physician uses a hysteroscope ( a small camera) that goes through the cervix and deploys small catheters in both fallopian tubes, essentially 'tying' them from the inside. The procedure lasts about 10-15 minutes, it is done in the office and patients go home in an hour. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia. There is little or no recuperation time.

Help Prevent Breast Cancer and Treat Osteoporosis with Evista
In October of 2007 the FDA granted approval of Evista for Breast Cancer Prevention. Evista has been on the market for about 10 years as an osteoporosis therapy. After its release, researchers noted that women on it were getting significantly less breast cancer. Several well-done studies confirmed the breast protective benefit of Evista, paving the way for the landmark FDA decision. This is a major advance in the fight for the cure. We now have a tool that works one step ahead of early detection...PREVENTION. After getting your bone density screening, please ask your physician about the details of Evista therapy for both osteoporosis and brest cancer prevention.

Rubino OB/GYN Group Welcomes Lisa Abeshaus, M.D.
Lisa Abeshaus, MD, FACOG recently joined the Rubino OBGYN Group. Dr. Abeshaus has been in private practice for eleven years. Previously practicing in Westfield NJ, she is a resident of Summit NJ, and comes to us with impeccable credentials and an excellent reputation in the community. Dr. Abeshaus graduated with distinction from Dartmouth Medical School and trained at St. Lukes Roosevelt Program for her residency. She was a faculty professor there for 4 years before settling in Summit NJ. Dr. Abeshaus is board certified and is accepting new patients.

Prevent Cervical Cancer with Gardasil
The new cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil, is now available in our offices. This exciting new vaccine, is the world's first vaccine against cervical cancer and the virus that causes it. Developed by Merck, the data in the early clinical trials are dramatic. Vaccinated women showed nearly 100 percent immunity to the cancer causing virus HPV. The medication is an injection, given to young women ages 16-26, in a series of 3 shots spaced over a 6 month period. If you are a patient that fits the age criteria or have a friend or relative that does, please call or email the practice for more infomation. Also, visit for additional information.

The Rubino OBGYN Group is happy to announce the implementation of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The EMR is essentially a paperless medical chart which resides on conventional and tablet pc's. As we have seen the conversion of many major industries to computerized systems, medicine has lagged far behind. The EMR is the future of medicine. A digital chart allows for numerous advantages and safety benefits for patients and their physicians. The notion of a 'lost chart' is essentially eradicated, as are filing errors. Office staff and patients no longer have to decipher physician's handwriting. Archiving old charts will be unnecessary, since digital storage provides ready access with just a mouse click. Patients who travel may be able to have an electronic version of their chart emailed (through secure connections). Physicians can access their patient's data even when the office is closed, which is helpful in emergency situations. Researching local medical trends is much easier, giving physicians a better understanding of their patient population's medical needs. We believe that the EMR improves the safety and care of our patients and we are excited to be the first OBGYN practice in the area to 'go digital'.

Improve the Accuracy of your Pap Test with PapSure
The Rubino OBGYN Group is pleased to announce PAP Sure is now available to all their patients. PAP SURE is an adjunct to the standard pap smear, designed to improve the accuracy of a patients pap test. This leading technology allows your physician to reduce and the improve the detection rate of early abnormalities on the conventional pap. The pap is already the most successful cancer screening tool in medicine, however, like all screening tests, the pap has an inherent false negative rate (in other words, it can miss a problem that is present). The PAP SURE (also know as speculoscopy) is a special light that shines on the cervix after applying a dye, that can illuminate an abnormality that can be missed by the pap. It is painless, and rapidly performed.

Ask the staff at your visit if you would like to have the PAP SURE done with your standard pap. It is particularly helpful for patients with prior abnormal paps.

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